Angel the Balloon Man makes an awesome octopus


Angel the Balloon Man, with friend.

.If you’ve been near Pack Square on any tourist-heavy day, odds are you’ve seen a swarm of enraptured children and bemused adults watching Angel the Balloon Guy at work. With deft, well-practiced movements and an artist’s detachment, he warps, twists, deforms and inflates globs of inflated rubber into an attention-grabbing hat, a surrogate puppy or pet dragon, and a monster-slaying/sister-hitting sword. Raised by his first-generation-American immigrant family who had ties to the circus, and eventually trained by Ringling, Angel has spent decades working on his craft.

Here, he whips up a gigantic octopus balloon animal like it ain’t no thang.

What you might not know about Angel is that he’s also got a soft spot for his fellow buskers, and has been filming his own busker videos for the past four years (two years longer than the Busk Break project, that is).

The backing music for this video is “Shine On, Harvest Moon,” written by Nora Bayes and Jack Norworth back in the vaudeville era, and performed in 2011 by local busker Sparrow.