Hannah Rebekah performs a duo of originals

Hannah Rebekah
Hannah Rebekah
It takes a brave busker to face the chilly winds and slow foot traffic of downtown Asheville on an early February evening. While the city absolutely throbs with street music during the warm months, it’s largely a ghost town from the start of the new year until the weather finally thaws around mid-March. Undaunted, singer-songwriter Hannah Rebekah took up her guitar and portable amp, facing the challenge head on.

It helps that Rebekah is a recent arrival in Asheville, having only arrived in town a little less than three weeks ago. What brought her here?

“Music,” she said. “I googled towns that had good music scenes, looking for cool music towns that aren’t Nashville or Austin.”

That search revealed a town she’d never heard of: Asheville, North Carolina. Now she’s here. If her willingness to perform to the lonely streets around Pritchard Park are any indication, she’ll do quite well in the coming months as the city shakes of the ice and sleet of winter.

Here she is performing her tune “Suncatcher.”

It’s worth noting that Hannah Rebekah is also the first new busker filmed for Busk Break since late 2012. While plenty of archival material has gone up over the last year (everything currently on this site, for instance), recording project itself has been on hiatus. Thanks again to Hannah for graciously agreeing to participate.

Here’s another tune, “Cloud Jumping.”