Adam and Emma cover “Red Rubber Ball”

Busk-Adam-EmmaA few days ago, I featured these two performers in a post about my occasional epic fails in recording street musicians. Normally, I make a point of getting at least a reasonable amount of information from the buskers I record, as showcasing them is really the only point of the project in the first place. Not having something as fundamental as the performers names really chewed on me, as that’s not a mistake I generally make.

My assumption was that I’d lost the recording where I actually talked to them about who they are and why they’re busking. Given that I’ll often film a half-dozen performers on a particularly active afternoon, file management can occasionally be a problem, particularly when I don’t immediately process the videos. In this case, I was right: That file is nowhere to be found. But good habits do pay off. In the tiniest sliver of a recording with exceptionally bad audio (the tail end if this video, where the moped or whatever is buzzes away at the end of the song), I said “It’s Adam and Emma, right?” They said “Yeah.” Crisis averted.

In this recording, Adam and Emma perform a song written by Paul Simon and Bruce Woodley back in 1966. “Red Rubber Ball” was originally a hit for The Cyrkle, but has been extensively covered and recorded since. I’m happy to be able to present yet another version of it, recorded by a very fun duo, even if it took the better part of two years to release the thing.