Adam and Emma cover “Drinkin’ in the Morning” by Trampled By Turtles

EDIT: A few days after I wrote the post below, I was able to find the tiniest scrap of audio at the end of one of the recordings where I confirmed the two performers’ names. I’ve obviously lost the recording where I spoke to them about their other details, but at least one small piece of this mystery is solved.

Busk-Chino-1.Still002Every so often, I’m terrible at recording buskers. Particularly if I’m feeling harried or distracted, I’ll make some fairly baffling mistakes. I’ll forget to turn on my microphone, for instance. Or I’ll get in a position where the light is constantly changing, blowing out the white levels. Sometimes I’ll even forget the very basics, like saying the performers’ names a few times, having them spell it, or asking where I can find more of their content so people who like them can get in touch.

While most of my mistakes come one at a time, every so often I’ll be looking at a video I took and realize I’ve created a perfect storm of embarrassing incompetence. This is one such video.

Who are these performers? No idea. If I ever recorded them saying it, I’ve since lost that video file. I think they were passing through town, and I’ve not seen them since. I did manage to record them talking to their dog, whose name was Chino, so at least there’s that. I didn’t even manage to ask them the name of this song, although thanks to Google I’ve since learned that it’s a cover of the Trampled By Turtles song “Drinkin’ in the Morning.” The also covered a Paul Simon song, although the video is even worse.

As a result, this video has never been seen by anyone other than me. And even then, not very much. But since the goal of this project is create a public archive of these recordings, even the embarrassing ones should see a little sunlight. It’s not a bad cover, it was just incompetently captured.