Doc may have strained his voice, but not his harmonica

Doc performs at the corner of Lexington Ave. and Walnut in downtown Asheville.
At first listen you might not think much of this ditty by the Walhalla, SC,-based busker known simply as Doc. It’s certainly a well-performed tune, and clearly there’s passion behind this original composition, but something is obviously missing. That something is lyrics, and to appreciate the song in context, it helps to realize that Doc was bone tired from performing, and had completely strained his voice the previous day. He could barely talk, in fact, and was nursing herbal tea between songs in an attempt to soothe his vocal chords.

The song, “Country Girl, Born and Bred,” isn’t instrumental, and if it’s anything like Doc’s other tunes, the lyrics are thoughtful and well-crafted. In fact, he tried to sing me another tune just before recording this one, and it left him so raspy that he simply couldn’t sing another. So, he switched to harmonica and hoped for the best. And, for what it is, it’s awesome fun.


As I mentioned above, this was the second song from the recording. There were some problems with the video, and I didn’t realize until listening to the recordings much later that the actual audio wasn’t bad at all. Because I thought the take was ruined, however, I didn’t actually ask about the name of the song or get any details about it. Right click here and “Save As” to download that recording.

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