Logan Mason performs “Love Shall Fill”


Singer-songwriter Logan Mason (aka Elk Tracks) performs in front of Malaprop’s.

There aren’t a lot of quiet, introspective buskers on the streets of Asheville, NC. And for obvious reasons. When you are competing with the rumble of engines, the sounds of construction, the incessant nattering of small talk from passersby and even the sound-diluting downtown wind, it’s hard for a quiet song to compete. And if your song is actually about something truly interesting, or even beautiful, it’s a rare person who will stop in their tracks and listen. Loud performers with simple, belting songs tend to attract the most attention, and the lion’s share of the tips.

But there’s something to be said for contrast, and in a town filled with performers who are more than content to be the center of attention, it’s a quiet performer like Logan Mason who really stands out.


Mason performs under the name Elk Tracks, and as he performs, it’s hard not to get the impression that performing in front of people isn’t something that came easily to him. At times, he almost seems to hide behind his guitar, almost like a shield. A somewhat recent arrival to Asheville, he’s still finding his place in the local music scene. I suspect he’ll find it soon enough, although it may not be as one of the show-stopping busking acts the city is becoming known for.

In fact, performances like Mason’s are one of the reasons I love recording live music. It’s so raw and genuine that it’s impossible not to like.