Alex Travers shares a little rainy day Bach


Alex Travers thinks out of the Bachs.

During a rainy day in Asheville, NC, Boone-based busker Alex Travers performs the first movement of J.S. Bach’s Partita No.3 for Solo Violin in E major. Travers was originally planning on performing in front of that ever-popular downtown busking spot, the giant Iron Sculpture near the Miles Building, but the constant drizzle moved him under the eave of a nearby store. Tips were understandably poor, and he started to moved on after only a few minutes of playing. Thankfully, I ran into him before he did, and managed to convince him to play a few more tunes for the Busk Break project.

This was the second recording, and while I liked the audio a lot, there simply wasn’t much happening visually. So, I thought I’d act like a first-year film student and make a visual collage of the rainy day. It worked fairly well, thanks in large part to the macro lens function of the Kodak zi8 camera I was using at the time.