Sparrow performs “Walt’s Waltz”


Accordion-playing busker Sparrow performs in front of the Woolworth Walk on Halloween weekend in 2010.

I met Sparrow the weekend of the first MoogFest in downtown Asheville. Even on an average weekend, the city could be mistaken for a costume party that had somehow spilled out onto the streets, but add Halloween weekend and a major, national-level electronic music festival to the mix, and the experience began to border on the hallucinatory. While most people would be overwhelmed, for a performer like Sparrow, it was another day at work. After all, she’s already circus performer, and her band of the time, The Sugarfoot Seranaders, were practically a sideshow unto themselves.

In other words, she was in her element. Here, she performs her original tune “Walt’s Waltz” near the Woolworth Walk.